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summer, finally. June 8, 2009

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^my sister^ i took this at a beach near my town. it was the first official photoshoot with my new camera and of the summer and i think the pic came out pretty cool.

its finally summer vacation for me! im so glad because i was getting tired of seeing all girls every single day and having to put up with thier problems and drama. now i can go off and do other things with other people out of school and whatnot. i’ve finally been able to change my hairstyle being out of school; its now quite shorter with blue streaks. yay!

i also purchased a new camera, its a nikon d40, which is a ton easier than my canon rebel which was film. i love the canon but its expensive having to keep buying film, then bringing it to get developed, then waiting for them to be done, then going to pick them up, and finally putting them on the computer. i’ve been doing a bunch of photoshoots and getting my friends into modeling for me.

my benefit concerts are going to become a lot more frequent. instead of doing an annual one, i might be having one to two a year. one of the guys from light the city asked if i could do another one this summer around late july. im gonna take on the task because i think its a great learning experience and its a good thing for me to work towards and look forward to. and who knows, maybe they’ll become popular and more people will go. 

i’ve been going to concerts a lot for smaller bands. mainly concerts that light the city are playing because i love them and they’re really cool guys. the cool thing about going to these is that you get introduced to new music and bands that are kind of not so known and they’re really good. i think theres like 3 or 4 new bands that i was introduced to and never knew existed and they’re really talented. the next one im going to is one a friend of mine is playing in and its on the 22 so im really anxious for that. it seems so far away and isnt coming fast enough. maybe if i throw myself into getting benefit concert stuff settled it’ll pass the time? i hope so.


oh look, a chair May 16, 2009

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the pic is of my sister eating a sandwich with josh from light the city. i quite enjoy their faces. i just noticed josh is holding a cookie in the other hand.

yesterday i held my benefit concert at the parish center in my town. i was overwhelmed with the work i had to do to set up. i eventually got myself semi under control, and waited for the bands to arrive. they all came and i showed them around and stuff. not that many people went and at first i was afraid about the turnout, but at the end it was better that there werent so many. Patrick James played first and he has a spectacular voice. Buck McGrane played next and he was adorable. then Light the City played. they are such nice guys. afterwards everyone was getting stuff signed by ltc. josh wanted a sandwich so we went to the kitchen. me, my sister, two of my friends, josh, buck and his friend hung out in the kitchen and talked. Buck and his friend Adrian were very entertaining. another guy from ltc came in for some kind of food and told us about the girls that asked for his phone number twice. he said that he needed to think of ideas to distract them such as saying, “oh look, a chair!”

overall it was very successful. i made $226 for diabeticrockstar.com and made new friends. everyone had a great time so i’m pleased with it. im definatly going to hold these more often, and hopefully maybe it will turn out to be an annual thing.

butter! May 3, 2009

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i absolutly love this pic. mary’s face while eating the fry just cracks me up. i was planning on putting a semi good picture up here but this one won.

wednesday i went to a fall out boy concert with my two friends mary and fryn at mohegan sun. on our way up we stopped to get some red bull and monster. so we were very energized and ready for the bands. the other bands that were playing were hey monday, cobra starship, all time low and metro station. i have to say metro station is my favorite. before the concert started trace and mason rode through the floor section on motor bikes. anyways, we stopped at johnny rockets to get some food and that was very interesting. probably the most fun i’ve had in a restaraunt. ever. i feel bad for the people that had to sit next to us. the food was amazinggg.  i had the orignial burger and it was godly. i wanted to bring like, 5 home to eat for lunch every day. so we left johnny rockets and went to the arena. there we befriened a staff dude who showed us where our seats were. and lucky us, we got the very last row directly across from the stage. it wasnt all that bad, we did have a head on view of the stage and no one behind us. during the concert there was a mom who was rocking out big time. her daughter wasnt even dancing as much as her mom. it was hilarious however, because i took a picture of her mid dance move, so shes got her arms thrown in the air and her hips out to the side. it was great. then all time low started talking about licking butter off their fans and how everyone was prude cuz they wouldnt let them lick butter off us. that was so funny. i think they were the most amusing band that night. after the concert, we went out for the fall out boy cd signing and waited in line for a long time. oh well it was worth it. i got to stay home from school the next day because we didnt get home until 1am. yesss.

my sister is coming home from college tomorrow. we are going to have some interesting adventures. we’re gonna watch a ton of movies and go shopping and stuff. i’ll probably use her as a photography model as well.

the diving phone. April 29, 2009

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the picture is of my friend fryn. i took it on saturday when it was so nice out. it was like 80 degrees or something. shes my photography model haha.

today my day started off fine then turned terrible. in third period at school i got a myspace message from the band that’s playing at my benefit concert. i went to the bathroom at the start of fourth period to reply. after i sent the message, i was going to hang up my bag on the hook on the inside of the stall doors to put my phone back when my iphone decided to go on a little adventure. it slipped out of my hand, hit the top of the toilet paper dispenser, then dove into the toilet. i quickly yelled at the event and grabbed my phone. i proceeded to pull the plastic case off and dry it as quick as possible. i am kind of afraid of what the poor sophomore in the stall next to me thought was going on. anyways i dried my phone and made sure it worked and it did. thank god. i threw it in my bag, washed my hands like crazy, and left the bathroom.

i then suffered through class and went to lunch. after lunch was english. everyone in the class thought that it would be a good idea to go outside in the almost 90 degree weather to read the book we’re reading in class. me and catherine were dying. there were bugs and pollen and the heat was so strong i felt like i couldnt breathe and it seemed as if i was going to pass out in the grass. finally after 30 minutes of suffering, we went back inside. i sat down for a few seconds then realized i needed to go to the nurse. i spent an hour and  half in the nurse drinking water and trying to breathe. i stayed there until the end of the day then went home. i get home to find my phone falling the toilet rather funny because nothing happened to it. then i went to play music off of it and realized that the music speakers didnt work. wonderful. i had to go back to where i bought the phone and see if they could replace it. apparently it would cost about $200 or $600 to replace my phone. it was not a good day.

however i am going to a fall out boy concert tomorrow where metro station, cobra starship, all time low, and hey monday are also playing. im going with two of my friendies so it should be fun. a good way to get away from all the school stress and whatnot. im also hopefully selling one of my guitars to my friend for some extra money. i never use it and he has plans for its future so its quite convienient. im planning on using the money to buy a new photography camera. the one i want is a nikon d40 thats like $500.

i cant wait for summer. i have some great plans for how im going to spend it.

back to school… April 20, 2009

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today was my first day back to school after spring break. it was quite tiring and long. i was counting down the days until school’s done, theres 29 including finals. there are so many other things that are going on between now and the last day of finals.

im trying to stay positive though. everyone around me is all stressed out and annoyed because we’re back in school and it bothers me. i understand that it is a very tiring concept, but don’t take it out on the people around you. everyone has to do it, so lets all do it together without the negative attitudes.

im watching the ellen degeneres show right now and she just called this lady from the uk i think and the lady is flipping out. its quite hillarious.

think before you speak April 18, 2009

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i went to my my friend catherine’s house yesterday for a random get together. i had fun. we played manhunt, girls vs boys in her yard. the kid i had argued with about the lip ring joke was there. at first i ignored him but then during the fourth round of the game he got really mad cuz he overheard the girls talking about him. he was in his car ready to leave when my friend went over to stop him because she felt bad. i didnt have anywhere else to go so i decided to go with her. we all talked and i decided i couldnt keep this grudge forever so i told him how i felt about what he had said. we talked for about 15 minutes sorting out our differences and finally made up. the main thing i reminded him was to think about what he wants to say before he says it. that could have really prevented this whole thing, but then again we all learn from our mistakes. i know he deffinatly learned from this and im glad that he took in what i had told him. after talking, i played patty cake with catherines boyfriend and she banished us to her kitchen. i dont really know why but whatever. we talked to her mom about random stuff and her boyfriend drank some orange soda. then we escaped and went back outside.

i got home last night and stayed on the computer from 11:30pm till 2 am talking to my sister who is at school in boston. we didnt really feel like going to bed so we didnt. we talked about a bunch of stuff until i finally got tired and left the computer.

today my mother wanted to go around and post up fliers for the benefit concert im hosting. i started it for a religion class project for my school. i have never done anything like this before so i didnt really know what to do or how to even get a band. having a band would help a little. i ended up going to myspace and just finding a bunch of bands from connecticut and emailing them to see who would email back. a few bands replied saying they couldnt play it, but then one band called Light The City replied and said that they could play. that was a very exciting moment in my life. so i started talking with one of the band members on the phone to get stuff all sorted out about where it was and such. then a few days ago i talked to him and he said that two of the members might not be able to play. i called back today and he said that they wouldnt be able to play, but he’d talk to one of the guys. that was terrible news. i didnt really know what to do because i had already started advertising and i couldnt call it off. i started getting worried about what would happen if they wouldnt be able to come, when my phone rang. i answered it and heard the wonderful news, “he can play the show.” WOO i think i thanked him about five times. then i was able to go and post up fliers around town. i hope a lot of people come. im kind of worried that not a lot of people will show up.

is it really rebellious? April 17, 2009

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conform-or-not1yesterday i was thinking about the term ‘rebellion’.  like when you hear people say, “oh they’re wearing rebellious clothing,” why is it considered rebellious? just because they like to wear a certain type of clothing doesnt mean they’re rebellious. they just want to stand out and dress the way they’d like to. ok i guess you could say they’re rebelling against the norm of what people look like but maybe because they dont want to look like a clone. pretty much people are saying that everyone should dress the same. okay… i don’t know exactly the background of those ‘rebellious’ peoples lives and why they choose to dress the way they do, but i dont have a problem with it. it just seems that other people do. if the people critizising them are allowed to wear the stuff they wear without people calling them out on it, why cant the ‘rebellious’ do the same?

anyways that was just something on my mind and thats how i personally feel about it. other people may think differently and thats okay, its good to hear all sides of the story.

yesterday i went to my friend mary’s party for her sister. she and her sister were adopted separately and they had just met a few years ago. it was fun, i arrived to find everyone playing croquet in mary’s front yard. that was interesting. then we attempted to play manhunt, but it turned out to last 2 minutes. we then watched saw 3 and after everyone left, mary, her sister, and i brought out the ice cream. then mary decided to grill hot dogs at 11pm. thats mary for you. i ended up staying the night because i didnt have a reason to be at home. as i was driving home this morning, i was listening to the first simple plan album, No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls, and i found a song on there called You Dont Mean Anything, which relates to a current situation in my life. if you listen to the words of it, it really has good meaning too. like hes saying, i want to be myself and i dont want to be like you so stop trying to make me into someone i’m not. its a very fun song and i was jammin’ out to it in the car. its one of those songs where you want to go up to the person’s face and just start singing it to them.

what a great way to start a blog… April 16, 2009

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candle-lit peace.

candle-lit peace.

so hello… this is my first blog. a wonderful way to start it is to talk about my superb day.

so I had a friend of mine over and she is super fun. we hung out at my house and then went to meet up with another one of our friends at the place where i am hosting a benefit concert. that was fun. we got to check out the building in a serious way, then we got to play around. lucky me, being the hostess of the concert, i get to make a teeny speech before the main band plays. that i am not looking forward to. anyways after we checked out the building, we went to get ice cream at my favorite ice cream place in my town. the guy that works there is amazing and i get discounts =].

so the friend catherine and i met up with went home and we went back to my house.  now i am one of those people that likes to play harmless pranks on my friends, so catherine and i decided to play a prank on our friend (who i will not mention his name). we just told him that we got our lips pierced and he went all crazy on us. he starts saying how they are gross and he wants to throw up when he sees people with them and he wont be able to look at us. okay, thank you for being rude. i actually want to get my lip pierced in the near future, so this was taken quite hard by me. he’s supposedly my friend, and going and saying he’s not going to be able to look at me when we hang out? thats just mean.

after a long conversation trying to tell him that he was having immature reactions about all of my harmless pranks and that he shouldn’t take them so seriously, i told him that it was nice to know him and that i would rather not talk to him. he said the same and we ended our friendship. i admitted, though, that one of the pranks i had pulled went a little too far (i won’t say what it was) but he didn’t really care. he just stated what i had already said about it being too far.

i am sorry to him if he reads this, but i was honestly hurt by what he was saying about me and that we had to fight about such a stupid thing as pranks.

ending on a nice note, i drew catherine a picture of her and her boyfriend and she was very excited about it. i was proud of it and glad that she liked it. =]